All photographs are limited editions of 500 per image, all sizes included, and are signed and numbered.  They are available as: a print only, mounted and matted with a single or double mat, digitally matted, or as a canvas.  Digital matting is priced at the finished size of the printed piece, not the actual size of the photograph.  Not all images are available in all sizes.  Please contact me to see what sizes are available for your selected image or images.  Pricing is available here.

Fine  Art  Gallery*

You can contact me with your order or with any questions.  I accept only checks, cash, or money orders at this time.  Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable sales tax. 

  1. *A note about on line image quality.  Web images are in a JPEG format, which is a form of file compression which allows photographs and graphics to load faster.  JPEGs are a lossy compression which cannot display the full dynamic range of black to white, or the full range of colors.  In addition, monitors will display the colors differently due to manufacturer and calibration.  Therefore, the web versions of any of these images will not have the same high quality that is seen in print.

Ordering and Payment:

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