What Being a Senior Rep Means:

You will be your High School’s representative and spokesmodel for Priscilla Reynaud Photography’s senior photography sessions.  All you have to do is show off your awesome photos to your friends and hand out referral cards!  Each referral you bring into the studio will earn you some great rewards!  And, when your friends bring in your referral cards, they earn some free extra goodies too!  Simple, huh?  

What Requirements Are There To Be a Senior Rep?:

  1. Outgoing, friendly, fun loving personality

  2. Active in community and school

  3. Positive attitude

  4. Be excited to tell your friends about the personalized senior experience at Priscilla Reynaud Photography

  5. Comfortable in front of the camera

  6. Attend Livermore or Granada High Schools and be in the graduating class of 2013

  7. Have your parents’ or legal guardians’ permission and have them sign a contract and model release

  8. Pass out referral cards to all your friends and refer them to Priscilla Reynaud Photography for their photo session (you ARE my spokesmodel, remember?)

  9. Show off your “brag book” as much as possible to anyone and everyone

  10. Prominently post your free digital photos and timeline on Facebook or other social media sites until graduation

  11. Agree to represent Priscilla Reynaud Photography ONLY until graduation

What You Will Receive:

  1. A FREE “VIP” senior photo session during the summer between your Junior and Senior year including professional makeup and hair services

  2. 50-100 FREE business size, double-sided referral cards with YOUR photos on them to hand out to your friends and family so you can start earning referral credits and bonuses

  3. A FREE personalized 4”x 8” accordion photo “brag book” of your senior photo session to make showing off your images to all your friends and family super easy

  4. A custom facebook timeline showcasing your spectacular portraits

  5. 5 FREE web ready, watermarked, digital images to be shared with your friends and family, and post on Facebook or other social networking sites

  6. A custom music video of your images to show off to friends and family on facebook and your mobil device

  7. A page on my web site dedicated to you and ONLY you

What You Can Earn:

For every paid session booked with YOUR referral (either by bringing in your referral card or listing you as “referred by” on the booking sheet), you will receive a $20 print credit good for ANY Priscilla Reynaud Photography product.  You can use this towards additional albums, prints, canvas, wall art, you name it.

AND, it gets better!  In addition to the print credits, you can earn the following gifts:

3 referrals - $25 iTunes gift card

6 referrals - $50 VISA Cash card

10 referrals - 2  season passes to Great America & Boomerang Bay, Mountain View or Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo

15 referrals - 8GB iPod Touch

25 referrals - 16GB Wi-Fi only 3rd generation iPad

(For example: if you refer 6 people, you will receive $120 in print credits towards your order, 1 $25 iTunes gift card AND 1 $50 VISA Cash card...that’s almost $200 in free gifts!!!)

YES, you read that correctly...a new 16 GB Wi-Fi only 3rd generation iPad after 25 referrals!!!!

What Your Referrals Can Earn:

Each person or family that brings in your referral card (or lists you as “referred by” on the booking sheet), and books a paid session, will receive a FREE 4”x 8” accordion photo “brag book”!

The Fine Print:

  1. A referral is a PAID booking for any type of photo session (senior, portrait, action, etc.)

  2. The referral must bring in your referral card OR list you as “referred by” on the session booking sheet

  3. If you do not have at least 3 referrals, you will be responsible for the cost of your photo session ($125-$300)

  4. Spokesmodel session must be completed by August 15, 2012

  5. Products and bonuses earned will be determined by the number of referrals credited to the Senior Spokesmodel by May 15, 2013

  6. While this program is to promote Priscilla Reynaud Photography, you will be let go from your position as spokesmodel if you bad mouth any other studio or photographer in the area and be required to repay any and all bonuses received, PLUS a $125-$300 charge for your photo session

  7. You agree to only have your senior portraits (excluding school portraits for the yearbook) taken by Priscilla Reynaud Photography

  8. You agree not to model or represent any other senior portrait company or photographer until your graduation in 2013

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, fill out the form here.

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