Storyboards - Collages -  Posters - Starting at $50.00:

These are available at any size up to 30” x 40” depending on your needs.  They do not include a mat or frame.   These are great to commemorate a special event, graduation, holiday, or for the sports star in your family.  They can include photographs from a photo session with me (session charges will apply) or any photographs provided by you.  Numerous customizable templates are available.  Please see some examples in my gallery.

Archiving Photos, Slides, and/or Negatives - $0.35 / item:

Negatives, slides or prints are cleaned and then scanned at 2400 dpi.  Included are minor color corrections, if needed, and then the images are transferred to an archival DVD.  Further image corrections will be handled under restoration charges on an individual basis.


This can include, but is not limited to: restoring faded images, restoring images that have pieces missing, and removing distracting objects from the photograph.  These services are on an individual fee basis depending on the amount of work required.  You will receive an estimate at the beginning of the project.

Invitations, Announcements, Greeting Cards or Postcards  - 

Starting at $40.00:

These are available in 5” x 7” greeting card style, or 4” x 9” panoramic style with a glossy, semi-gloss or matte front and writable, plain paper inside and back.  They are 12 per package and include while envelopes.  Perfect for family gatherings, graduations, parties, etc.  I can use one of your photographs, any of my landscape photographs or a photograph from a photo session with me (session charges will apply).   Please see some examples in my gallery.

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